Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

Any website need to be maintain in order to function efficiently and to provide a excellent user experience. We offer web maintenance services for new and existing websites!

Opera Navigation offers full web maintenance services for websites. This includes error solving, modifications, modules and plugin updates, regular back-ups to ensure the website is 100% functional and visible! Our technicians do their best to make sure that your website is clean, without any malware. 

Do I need web maintenance services?

Owning a website is essential in today's digital environment. It gives potential customers ideas about your business, where you are, when you're open and of course what you sell (products or services). But its only useful if people can actually find it!

There is so much competition out there you need to be sure your website ranks well on search engines listings. There are many elements to make this but the main fact is ensuring its kept up to date, and not just from the technology its built with, the content must be recent.


What you get with our Web Maintenance:

  • Platform Upgrades
    - WordPress , Joomla, Prestashop , Magento and others
  • Security updates and improvements 
    - Protect your website against cyber attacks, hacking and free from malware
  • Content updates and changes
    - Text and image updates, blog posts, product price changes and photos
  • Website backups
    - Weekly back-ups for your website in case something's lost
  • Managed website hosting
    - We use best hosting providers so your website will be speedy!
  • Web Management Packages
    - We have packages for all types of websites that will suit your needs

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Contact us for website maintenance services and drive your website on top of search engines! Every business is in continuous change so your website should keep up with your business!