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With the help of our professional, exclusive tools and equipment, we have offered various efficient maintenance strategies which highly optimized any website’s structure, architecture, loading speeds and security, making it become a huge success in the online community.

Take a look below to see the maintenance services we offered.

Website Details

Project started in 2018

Fast loading speed

Performance to over 95%

Reliable, high security



  • Adding, creating new content;
  • Updating/modifying existing content;
  • Organizing media and text content;
  • Correcting content (typos, grammatical errors, etc.);
  • Optimizing content to relevant keywords;
  • Editing images (logos, pictures, and so on);
  • Enhancing typography;
  • Text cleanup;
  • Modifying fonts and text size;
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  • Code cleanup;
  • Animations;
  • Graphic design;
  • Interactive menus;
  • Plugins, widgets;
  • Changing or adding meta-tags;
  • Various site features;
  • Fixing broken links;
  • Updating sitemaps;
  • Ensuring perfect technical SEO;
  • Optimizing crawlability and indexability;
  • Adding robots.txt;


  • SSL certifications;
  • HTTPS security;
  • Malware scanning and removal;
  • DDoS protection;
  • Hack cleanup;
  • Website Firewall;
  • Secure web hosting;
  • Website backup;

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